About me

Stephan in a 10 words or less.

Highly energetic trainer – Story teller – People Developer – Parttime farmer

What gets me up in the morning, racing to get to work?profielfoto

I love my job being a Professional Scrum Trainer and Agile coach! So waking up is never a problem, but it’s even less of a problem when I get to teach people. Teaching them about Agility, Scrum and how to become a professional (again). I also get energy from helping those who lead and manage these professionals by handing them inspiration, tools and a mindset to become successful.

I am at my best when I am training and coaching management teams, Scrum Teams, Scrum Master or Product Owners. This is what I do best and this is where I get results.

How can I help you?

My personal mission statement

I get energy from growth, both personally and from my surroundings. By using my ability to learn quickly and think creatively. By always staying close to my own values. And ensuring a healthy body and a healthy mind.

What kind of experience do I bring?

I have always thought I was destined to become a project manager. After being a Business Intelligence Consultant and project manager, I started as Scrum Master for several Web Content Management projects. Since I wasn’t experienced in this subject, I naturally acted as a servant leader for the team.

I tried to adopt Scrum the best way I could at the organizations I worked for, but only after following a Professional Scrum Master course, I really understood what Scrum was about and why these few simple rules were there. This resulted, not only in a better understanding for me on the power the Scrum framework has, but it immediately resulted in better adoption of Scrum at the company I worked for, resulting in better software for their customers.

Very soon after, I decided that I would like to help other organizations and its employees see the same power the Scrum Framework has to offer like I did. Working at Prowareness, a company, specialized in transforming organizations in responsive enterprises, since 2013. And as of september 2016 as an independent professional. I coach and train individuals to create an Agile Mindset and help organizations to become more responsive. Next to that I am a Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org since 2014.

What is an Agile People Developer?

Agile is not just a trick or method to try to solve an organizations inability to change. It is a mindset which helps people, teams and organizations to cope with the complex world we are all part of. This mindset, in all its simplicity, is extremely difficult to adopt. People, teams and organizations need help to break away from habits, procedures and things we have been doing for ages but nobody knows why they ever were created. I am the person who will start asking why, teach you to ask why and develop your Agile mindset. Starting with you, your team and your organization. Are you next?

What else do I do?

In my spare time I can be found cycling on my full carbon road bike. After being a semi-professional swimmer for 15 years I spent quite some time on a bike, working as a messenger and training for triathlons, both I don’t do anymore because I actually don’t like to run!


We also have a dog, Rico, a 5-year-old Dutch Sheppard/Husky. He loves to run with me when I am on my mountainbike.

And If I have any time left, my girlfriend and I do some mendurance, which is racing with our horse, Rhosyr, and carriage through obstable courses.

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