Why I don’t like using games in training courses

The People Developer.

Learning about Scrum with Lego. Throwing a ball around to practice not to interrupt others. Or building spaghetti towers to...


How to describe color to a blind person, or anything new to the unaware?

The People Developer.

Have you ever tried to describe or teach something new to a colleague or client and although you know from experience...


Partnership and Scrum – How does that work?

The People Developer.

We talk about partnerships all the time but how often is your collaboration a real partnership? When problem appear will...

KPI’s within a Scrum Team? That’s no partnership!

The People Developer.

When is a Scrum Team successful? Which criteria do you use to determine if a Scrum Team is doing a great...

Daily Scrum Drama

The People Developer.

De Daily Scrum, in de volksmond de ‘stand up’ genoemd. Waarschijnlijk het meest bekende event als we het over Scrum...

teacher meme

What makes a perfect training?

The People Developer.

I have been training individuals and companies for years and I find great joy in doing this. I would like...

Scrum Coach Cron

Consider this before hiring an Agile Coach

The People Developer.

This summer, during the Olympics, the Euro Soccer Championships and the Tour the France, while cheering  in front of the...


Why the Dutch should be Scaled Agile Rockstars!

The People Developer.

What really makes a transformation of your organization successful? Which elements should be in place? Which complicated framework for scaling...

new management

How to prepare your management team for Scrum?

The People Developer.

How to run a workshop with your management team and get them on board with your Scrum implementation? Which topics...

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