Beyond cognition

The People Developer.

For centuries we had this certain feeling,

We, as mankind are superior to all.

This idea has been to many very appealing,

But this weekend this idea came to a fall.
Humans are very good at destroying,

Trees, bird, tigers, fish and deer.

This all in my view, very annoying,

But killing your own kind is my biggest fear.
People with power to destroy all life,

Judging for us what is good and what is not.

Generating more personal wealth is what for they strive,

The idea to live in harmony is what looks as if they forgot.
Mother Earth made it all clear to us last Sunday,

Showing what enormous violence she can unfold.

Making her point in a very clear way,

The power of existence is not for us to hold.
Last Sunday was a warning to make us aware,

Mother Earth wants us to change our world vision.

The way we live is about all she can bear,

If we do not change she’ll strike again beyond cognition.

Stephan van Rooden
About: Agile Trainer - Personal Agile Management Coach - Team Troubleshooter - Professional Scrum Trainer @ - Parttime Farmer

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