Second Chance

The People Developer.

Who ever made up the sentence?

You never have a second chance for a first impression.

The most stupid sentence ever created!

It is that person who is holding me from making a confession.
I now have to twist and turn,

To validate for myself that I need that second chance,

If I had myself on track a few months ago,

I would be the happiest person alive enjoying true romance.
Fantasizing what could have happened,

all a waste of time and still that hole in my heart,

Jealous of the PC I am writing this on,

because if he makes a mistake he can just restart.
I am afraid I have to spend,

the rest of my life angry at myself and full of regret,

New Years Eve will never be the same,

With pain in my heart I will think about that day we met.
Is the love I feel for you,

And this I am writing just a waste of time?

Please I beg you on my knees,

Give me a sign, so I can happily end this rhyme.

Stephan van Rooden
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