These are the confessions a shy boy
He was too shy

But like any other

He was in love very deep

Thinking about that girl

If she was the cause he couldn’t sleep
He was too shy

A million times

He thought of what to say

Selected perfect words

But every time the courage flew away
He was too shy

Listened to what she said

Knew how to win her heart

Planned it carefully

But never came to finishing the last part
He was too shy

Knew he had a problem

Looking for help he did not dare

Not admitting his flaw

Fear of loosing all made him very scared
He was too shy

It drove him crazy

Inside he was very mad

Yelling and screaming

Wouldn’t’ help, made him very sad
He was too shy

She was perfect

Making his life complete

But telling her that

In person seemed to him obsolete
He was too shy

Almost went crazy

And decided to take the chance

If she would reject he knew

There wouldn’t have been any romance
He was too shy

Finally sure of what

He should have said

He found out

The girl he loved was already dead
He was too shy

But in fact

That boy is actually me

Why am i so damn shy?

Say you love her, despite her answer you’ll feel free!

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