The park of pondering people

The People Developer.

The park of pondering people

A park for people to ponder

But I wonder should I ponder

Or should I think

Because as I walk pondering

Trough the park wondering

What all the other people

Are pondering about


And are they also wondering

Of what I am pondering

But all I see is people wonder

No one is ever done to ponder

And I believe that everyone is wondering

Will I ever stop wandering

Wondering or pondering?


Or is this park just there

For me to wander and ponder

To make up my mind or heart

The driving question that made me start

That I am now one that wonders

Do what my heart thinks

Or what my mind ponders?

Stephan van Rooden
About: Agile Trainer - Personal Agile Management Coach - Team Troubleshooter - Professional Scrum Trainer @ - Parttime Farmer

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