The hippies’ revival

The People Developer.

I love the summer sunshine

Girls with short skirts

Sitting on the terrace

Me having an icecold beer

Her drinking a glass of wine

The mid sixties, hippie age

On the barricades

The world was coming to an end

They would change it

They demonstrated filled of rage

Protesting against war and discrimination

Their parents, they claimed

Were destroying the earth

Never would they allow that

But here lies my frustration

Forty years later it’s still the same

Still war, pollution and inequality

They continued were mom and dad left off

Instead of me

It should fill them with shame

Suddenly climate change is hot

But believe me nothing will happen

The hippies only acted passively

And passive they have always been

The last 40 years is it not?

So the hippie revival is just a small excess

Let them talk how to solve

The problem the refused to deal with

So I can enjoy the nice summer sun and short skirts

And when the time has come we will clean up the mess.

Stephan van Rooden
About: Agile Trainer - Personal Agile Management Coach - Team Troubleshooter - Professional Scrum Trainer @ - Parttime Farmer

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