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Agile Personal Development

Why I don’t like using games in training courses

Learning about Scrum with Lego. Throwing a ball around to practice not to interrupt others. Or building spaghetti towers to learn about something. Yes, I have done it all and the outcome often was similar. Energy was high during the exercise, feedback on the course was great (when the timing was right) and there was some learning involved. The value/effort ratio of using games in a training course never seems …

Agile Business

How to describe color to a blind person, or anything new to the unaware?

Have you ever tried to describe or teach something new to a colleague or client and although you know from experience it is great you get a reaction like: “That doesn’t work in our organization? Our organization is different.” “That sounds nice in theory, but in real-life that will never work?” “We have always done it that way, there is no other way. We tried is before.” Did someone ever say …


Partnership and Scrum – How does that work?

We talk about partnerships all the time but how often is your collaboration a real partnership? When problem appear will the contract you drafted be dropped on the table and the finger-pointing starts? Or do you sit together and maybe both take a bit of the pain since your are in this together. Most of the time, both occurs, after a lot of attempts to shift blame we conclude that …


KPI’s within a Scrum Team? That’s no partnership!

When is a Scrum Team successful? Which criteria do you use to determine if a Scrum Team is doing a great job? From my point of view a Scrum Team is doing a great job if they deliver an increment with the highest valued features, with the best possible quality and they continuously strive for improvement. In this post, I will share my thoughts on a discussion I had with a …


Daily Scrum Drama

De Daily Scrum, in de volksmond de ‘stand up’ genoemd. Waarschijnlijk het meest bekende event als we het over Scrum hebben. Een event dat maximaal 15 minuten duurt en waarbij het Development Team het plan van de sprint inspecteert en bekijkt of dit plan nog steeds valide is. Dat is het! Niets meer en niets minder. Desondanks gaat er in deze 15 minuten bij veel teams het nodige mis. Hieronder …