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Scrum Coach Cron

Consider this before hiring an Agile Coach

This summer, during the Olympics, the Euro Soccer Championships and the Tour the France, while cheering  in front of the tv, I noticed something in the way teams perform. And it worried me. Even more because I see the same thing happening in organizations. Why did the English soccer team fail against Iceland? How come the Dutch field hockey team didn’t win a medal? And what does this have anything …


Why the Dutch should be Scaled Agile Rockstars!

What really makes a transformation of your organization successful? Which elements should be in place? Which complicated framework for scaling agile should I choose? I tend to feel disappointed when trying to think of the number of organizations which actually succeeded in such a transformation. We, the Dutch, should be absolute rock stars when it comes to scaling agility given our rich nautical heritage. Let me explain. Oil tanker In …

new management

How to prepare your management team for Scrum?

How to run a workshop with your management team and get them on board with your Scrum implementation? Which topics need to be covered and which should be skipped? Why shouldn’t such a workshop be about Scrum? Over the last couple of weeks, I have run several workshop for management teams planning on adopting the Scrum Framework. In this post, you find a format that might help you kick-start the …


Scrum Values added to Scrum Guide, so what?

Yesterday, co-creators of Scrum, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, released a new version of the Scrum Guide. At first glance, just a small paragraph on Scrum Values is added. But this addition may offer a larger impact and be an extremely useful addition for Scrum Masters. So, today during the first day of my Professional Scrum Master Training, I shared this new addition to the guide with the students. Their first response …


Product Backlog Refinement explained (3/3)

How to facilitate a Product Backlog Refinement meeting? What do you do as a Scrum Master to keep the item under refinement on track? When do you estimate and what do you do when you need more time for discussion? In this third post of this series on Product Backlog refinement you will find some good practices on how to facilitate an effective and efficient refinement meeting. This series consists …