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How to describe color to a blind person, or anything new to the unaware?

Have you ever tried to describe or teach something new to a colleague or client and although you know from experience it is great you get a reaction like: “That doesn’t work in our organization? Our organization is different.” “That sounds nice in theory, but in real-life that will never work?” “We have always done it that way, there is no other way. We tried is before.” Did someone ever say …

teacher meme

What makes a perfect training?

I have been training individuals and companies for years and I find great joy in doing this. I would like to share with you my vision on what makes a training a great learning experience: Design Not just the content will affect an impactful training, but also the design of the training. This is involves the interior of a room, the use of materials and technology, music to that which you leave after …


Agile coaches, the troubadours of our age!

Last week, I gave a module of the agile expert program together with my colleague Wouter. The topic was storytelling and we had a great day, by providing a set of simple techniques everybody was able to tell a compelling story which all of us will not forget too often. During the middle ages, the troubadour would travel around to share tales of heroic adventures, developments in the village 2 …


Share your opinion, not your ideas!

Are you suffering from unproductive meetings? Here are two simple solutions to quickly turn around a potentially worthless meeting. Imagine yourself sitting in a meeting with eight others. It doesn’t really matter what the subject of the meeting was but I think you can relate to the pattern described below. The meeting has finally begun after people arrived late, unclarity of the purpose of the meeting etc. You can state …


3 tips for fast growing companies

‘You are likely to get management approval for a 500 dollar expense…..but you can call a 1-hr meeting with 20 people and no one notices’. A few days ago I saw this statement in an image on LinkedIn. I could not help to grin a little and I bet for most of you this is very recognisable. Throughout the last couple of years I have had first hand experience of …