Scrum Values added to Scrum Guide, so what?

The People Developer.

Yesterday, co-creators of Scrum, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, released a new version of the Scrum Guide. At first glance,...

Product Backlog Refinement explained (3/3)

The People Developer.

How to facilitate a Product Backlog Refinement meeting? What do you do as a Scrum Master to keep the item...

Product Backlog Refinement explained (2/3)

The People Developer.

What do you do during Product Backlog refinement? How do you prevent discussions going off track or in too much...

Product Backlog Refinement explained (1/3)

The People Developer.

One of the most challenging activities in Scrum is Product Backlog Refinement. During training courses I get many questions on this...

Agile coaches, the troubadours of our age!

The People Developer.

Last week, I gave a module of the agile expert program together with my colleague Wouter. The topic was storytelling...

Team Trust Canvas

The People Developer.

When starting a team you run into a variety of challenges. In a earlier blog series I stated that a...

Magic Estimation Matrix – estimating effort and value in 15 minutes!

The People Developer.

The best way to negotiate is with torsos angled, often at 90 degrees to one another. This avoids the face-to-face...

Share your opinion, not your ideas!

The People Developer.

Are you suffering from unproductive meetings? Here are two simple solutions to quickly turn around a potentially worthless meeting. Imagine...

3 tips for fast growing companies

The People Developer.

‘You are likely to get management approval for a 500 dollar expense…..but you can call a 1-hr meeting with 20...

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