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Groups & Scrum: Productive teams

In the previous blog, I talked about the importance of setting goals and what to focus on when trying to reach goals. How is setting goals related to productivity? When you stroll across the web on the topic of Scrum you will most likely run into the term ‘Hyper Productive Scrum Teams’. This sounds really nice and would most likely appeal to most people who consider adopting the Scrum framework. …


Groups & Scrum: Setting goals

“To win, you’re dependent on others. To improve, you depend on yourself!” Last week, I had a very interesting session with some fellow coaches on how to assess an organizational department who has started the transition to Agile a few months back. From that moment we started measuring some boundary conditions. Those things you really need to have in place to enable a faster adoption of Scrum and preparing the …

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Groups & Scrum: A group of people doesn’t make it a team!

This is the first post in a series of blogs on groups and Scrum. This first blog will look into what a group is and into what makes a group into a team. In future posts I will explain more on why we do retrospectives, knowledge sharing in a group and much more. Let’s start with the definition of what a group is. What is a group? Take a look …