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Agile coaches, the troubadours of our age!

Last week, I gave a module of the agile expert program together with my colleague Wouter. The topic was storytelling and we had a great day, by providing a set of simple techniques everybody was able to tell a compelling story which all of us will not forget too often. During the middle ages, the troubadour would travel around to share tales of heroic adventures, developments in the village 2 …

Personal Development

It’s how you say it!

The last couple of weeks I have noticed how often messages don’t come across as intended. This is not only destroying relationships but can also limit an organisation trying to empower their employees to show their professionalism. The reason people say something, the ‘why’, is usually correct. You don’t open your mouth just because you feel like it. Especially not in a professional environment. Also, what they want to bring …


Groups & Scrum: Knowledge Sharing

This is the third post in the blog series on groups and Scrum. In previous posts we determined what a group is [link].  and what the benefits can be. We also looked into one of the biggest disadvantages and risks of working in groups and how to overcome these [link]. This post will cover one of the main purposes of having groups: Sharing Knowledge! Knowledge sharing has been around for …