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Agile Personal Development

Why I don’t like using games in training courses

Learning about Scrum with Lego. Throwing a ball around to practice not to interrupt others. Or building spaghetti towers to learn about something. Yes, I have done it all and the outcome often was similar. Energy was high during the exercise, feedback on the course was great (when the timing was right) and there was some learning involved. The value/effort ratio of using games in a training course never seems …

Agile Business

How to describe color to a blind person, or anything new to the unaware?

Have you ever tried to describe or teach something new to a colleague or client and although you know from experience it is great you get a reaction like: “That doesn’t work in our organization? Our organization is different.” “That sounds nice in theory, but in real-life that will never work?” “We have always done it that way, there is no other way. We tried is before.” Did someone ever say …

teacher meme

What makes a perfect training?

I have been training individuals and companies for years and I find great joy in doing this. I would like to share with you my vision on what makes a training a great learning experience: Design Not just the content will affect an impactful training, but also the design of the training. This is involves the interior of a room, the use of materials and technology, music to that which you leave after …

Business Personal Development

Leven Lang Leren

Lees jij ooit wel eens ‘normale’ boeken? Deze vraag krijg ik regelmatig te horen wanneer ik weer een verhaal vertel wat ik in een boek heb gelezen. Ik lees veel boeken. Soms ook wel een aantal tegelijk (op dit moment 3!). Geen romans, daarvan heb ik er sinds de middelbare school nog geen handvol van gelezen. Hoewel ik het niet vervelend vind om te lezen op dat moment heb ik …