Agile is not just a trick or method to try to solve an organizations inability to change. It is a mindset which helps people, teams and organizations to cope with the complex world we are all part of. This mindset, in all its simplicity, is extremely difficult to adopt. People, teams and organizations need help to break away from habits, procedures and things we have been doing for ages but nobody knows why they ever were created. I am the person who will start asking why, teach you to ask why and develop your Agile mindset. Starting with you, your team and your organization. Are you next?

Train me

Every next step in your professional career starts with gathering new insights, acquiring knowledge and being inspired. If you want to learn more about Agility and/or Scrum, or would you like to become an even better Scrum Master of manager in an Agile environment. Take a look at one of my training courses.

Help me

Want to get started with Scrum in your organization? Then I am not the person you should hire, there are plenty of people and organizations who can help you with that. But are you already on your way and you feel like you are stuck and you can’t put your finger on the root cause. Then I am the person you must call! I will troubleshoot your Agile team(s).

Coach me

How do I manage my Scrum Teams? How do I coach my Scrum Masters and what Agility mean for me as an Agile Manager? Over the last few years I have worked intensively with managers on how to manage their teams.With this new service I will coach you in how to manage your Agile teams. Interested? Call me!